Nowadays flashlights come in several different types, each serving a purpose of its own. These devices have in fact become an important part of daily life that everyone should own at least one of them. With the growth of science and technology, you can find an innumerable selection of flashlights in the market today. Although it is difficult to list all the types of flashlights available, a few important types are listed below.

• Tube flashlights – These flashlights were the first to be introduced. They are cylindrical in shape and the traditional ones used incandescent bulbs to produce light. Nowadays there are many flashlights that use LEDs as the light source. These flashlights are battery powered and can vary in size, weight, length and power.

• Pocket flashlights – These are smaller in size and can be easily carried around in your pocket or be attached to key chains. They can be of different shapes and the small size makes them convenient and portable. They are quite inexpensive too. One major drawback of pocket flashlights is their less power. So although they are suitable for use in everyday life, they don’t do well when it comes to heavy duty tasks.

• Dive flashlights – As the name suggests, these are underwater flashlights designed for divers. Dive flashlights help to see better underwater and hence are an essential tool for scuba divers, rescue divers or deep sea divers. These lights are usually made of metal or hard plastic and are waterproof.

• Tactical flashlights – These are high power flashlights most commonly used by the military, police and emergency services. They are also very useful for self defense. The light given out by these flashlights is so powerful that it can temporarily blind an individual even during the daytime. Tactical flashlights are durable and even though they are not too small, they are compact enough to be held in one hand.

• Shake flashlights – These are a newer version of flashlights which is gaining immense popularity among consumers. The interesting thing about shake flashlights is that they do not need bulbs or batteries. The light source is an LED (light emitting diode) and the device is charged by shaking it for about 30 seconds. This charging will provide power for the flashlight to operate for a few minutes. Every time the light dims, the device just needs to be shaken up to be recharged. The downside of shake flashlights is that they are quite expensive.

• Headlamps – These flashlights can be worn around the head by fastening or strapping on to a helmet. They enable free use of the hands and hence are an ideal option for rescuers, miners, spelunkers and construction workers.

As you can see, all the different types of flashlights have unique advantages and are useful for various situations. With so many flashlights available, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. You first need to identify your needs and choose the flashlight that would cater to your requirements. Even if it means that you have to pay a little extra money, always go with a good quality flashlight that won’t let you down when you need it the mos

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